Brew Systems helps healthcare and life-sciences companies reduce costs, improve communication, and shorten drug development cycles by rolling out reliable open source solutions that reduce manual processing and improve collaboration across global teams.

Healthcare companies depend heavily on the ability to reduce time-to-market their patented products to maximise revenues in addition to ensuring easy and speedy access to information to improve productivity, ensure compliance and reduce costs. Care givers, patients, suppliers, employees and partners require timely access to a wide variety of information in a simple, structured and pre-determined format to ensure the success across product development, regulatory compliance, sales and support. The need of the hour is a committed partner who understands their issues and provides cost-effective, secure, scalable enterprise solutions that integrate seamlessly with legacy applications for distributing, storing and archiving information.

Brew Systems offers a variety of solutions aimed at improving communication both internally and externally. We deliver portals that drastically simplify the creation, storage, and distribution of multi-format documents - ensuring care givers, patients, suppliers, partners and employees have secure, easy and personalized access to information. Using open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Portal solutions, we roll-out solutions that integrate multiple data sources, create unified processes and properly tag and store information critical to meeting the regulatory requirements, without sacrificing timeliness and responsiveness to customers.