Brew Systems gives insurers reliable, cost-effective strategies for reducing paper-based transactions, expanding customer services, and significantly improving operating margins.

Insurers are highly dependent on the quality and integrity of data; but "silos" of business processes and increasing regulatory scrutiny make implementing content management iprovements difficult and very costly. Proprietary applications that don't integrate with legacy systems can cause cost and schedule problems. Insurance companies require partners who understand their issues, and can provide scalable, cost-effective and integrated applications for distributing, storing and archiving critical information.

Brew Systems offers a variety of solutions that can help insurers reduce their reliance on paper, and bring siloed computing systems together under a uniform management structure. We can help identify which business processes will most benefit from an open content management system, and how regulatory requirements can be met and enforced without sacrificing timeliness and responsiveness to customers. We have built industry-specific portals for information access, and comprehensive records and document management systems for optimizing forms processing.